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Share your loved ones with the most beautiful moments and present them with a unique box made of acrylic that contains luxurious Belgian chocolate from LU’CHOCO and comes with the following fillings: Pistachios, Pecans, Hazelnuts and Toasted Caramel, topped with fresh flower..
180 SAR
Delight your loved ones with a red Acrylic Box contains of  Different LU’CHOCO chocolate flavors, decorated With red roses, lavender violet, white Eustoma, violet Esutoma, green cymbidiumchocolate weight is 1 kilo and 50 gram..
650 SAR
Send your feelings to your loved ones with a beautiful Black Acrylic Base consisting of A Different LU’CHOCO chocolate flavors Decorated With wonderful bouquet consisting of Blue eustoma , white chrysanthemum, yellow solidago and steel grass .Chocolate 1 kilo and 200 gram..
600 SAR
An unbelievable stylish bouquet with a charming arrangement consists of White and Purple Roses mixed in with Pink Lilium and Purple Limonium along with White and purple Waxflower. Adding to the elegance of this bouquet is the Purple Veronica and White Eustoma along with White Chrysanthemum and Whit..
350 SAR
Give this shimmering and fresh bouquet and lighten up the day of their special event! A vibrant vase bouquet consists of Pink Lilium along with Steel Grass to add a touch of sweetness which plays a primary role of complementing this impressive bouquet. Show how much you admire them! The height is a..
350 SAR
Be the reason for their beautiful smile and never let the distance come in your way when you want to surprise and wish your admired ones. This irresistible arrangement of chocolates will be a fantastic present for your dear ones in all occasion of any season! Contains the Following Chocolates: Kitk..
400 SAR
Delight your special person with a beautiful vase bouquet on a special day that contains Pink Hydrangea with Pink Lilium and White Gypsophila. The height is approximately 35 cm to 40 cm. The width is approximately 30 cm to 35 cm...
500 SAR
Bring the happiness and joy into the life of those whom you love the most, as our charming bouquet beautifully captures this sentiment. White Lilium, Pink Hydrangea, Pink Tulip, Baby Roses Pink . Light Purple Rose . Eustoma in Pink . Wax Flower Violet . Purple Cymbidium . ..
500 SAR
Our expert florists will pick the best combination of blooms to design a gorgeous vase bouquet of Blue Hydrangea and Chrysanthemum White and White Lily mixed in with Yellow Baby Roses and Wax Flower in White and Green Steel Grass, and with the bright collection of greenery for added..
435 SAR
Our expert florists will pick the best combination of blooms to design a gorgeous bouquet of White and Yellow Baby Roses along with Blue Hydrangea and Green Kermit..
450 SAR
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