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A fantastic hand bouquet consists of a selection of White and Pink Lilium with beautiful White Baby Roses along with purple Chrysanthemum and Pink Hypericum. To make this bouquet even more impressive, we have added ample of Pink Veronica and Roses complemented with scented White and Purple Statice f..
200 SAR
An unbelievable stylish bouquet with a charming arrangement consists of White and Purple Roses mixed in with Pink Lilium and Purple Limonium along with White and purple Waxflower. Adding to the elegance of this bouquet is the Purple Veronica and White Eustoma along with White Chrysanthemum and Whit..
350 SAR
Give this shimmering and fresh bouquet and lighten up the day of their special event! A vibrant vase bouquet consists of Pink Lilium along with Steel Grass to add a touch of sweetness which plays a primary role of complementing this impressive bouquet. Show how much you admire them! The height is a..
350 SAR
Our expert florists will pick the best combination of blooms to design a gorgeous vase bouquet of Blue Hydrangea and Chrysanthemum White and White Lily mixed in with Yellow Baby Roses and Wax Flower in White and Green Steel Grass, and with the bright collection of greenery for added..
435 SAR
This selection of White Phalaenopsis and White Roses will certainly impress your loved one! Spoil them with our beautiful box bouquet to show them just how much they mean to you. The height is approximately 30 cm to 40 cm. The width is approximately 25 cm to 35 cm...
650 SAR
A wonderful assortment of coordinated flowers to convey what you want from words full of warm feelings through an elegant vase bouquet that contains Green Hydrangea and Yellow and White Roses and White Baby Roses and White Baby Orchid and White Tulip and Chrysanthemum Yellow and White with White..
450 SAR
Express your feelings with a unique rose bouquet containing Pink Roses and White Tulips with Pink Limonium and Baby Orchid and touches of Blue  Gypsophila and White Limonium with Eucalyptus Leaves..
250 SAR
Beautifully crafted and designed by our qualified florists, as this collection of White and Mauve Chrysanthemum, White Limonium, White Gypsophila, pink Statice flowers..
200 SAR
Bring the happiness and joy into the life of those whom you love the most, as our charming bouquet beautifully captures this sentiment. White and Blue and Yellow Roses, White Hydrangea, White Cala, Baby Roses Yellow and White. White Wax Flower. Yellow Solidago. White Gypsophila. Gr..
500 SAR
A wonderful assortment of coordinated flowers to convey the words you want full of warm feelings through an elegant basket bouquet containing White Hydrangea and Lilium with White and Purple Wax Flower, Purple Limonium, Pink Stoma, White Baby Roses,  Dark Purple cymbidium, Pink and Purple Ro..
1,000 SAR
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